Flassh iOS

Flassh iOS is the preferred way to view and share photos taken with Flassh Booth. Not only can account owners login and manage their events and photos with this app, they can also send guests to download and install this app on their own devices. Guests can then instantly view and share photos from their own iPhone or iPad.

This app can also act as a public kiosk for your events.

Download and install

Grab our iOS app free on the App Store.

Sign into your Flassh account

Kiosk mode

Open the app and make sure you’re signed in, then open the event so you’re looking at the listing of photos within that event. Then, you can do a single-finger long-press on the top navigation bar to enable kiosk mode, which does a few things:

  • It prevents backing out of the current event, so guests are forced to stay in the context of the current event.
  • It removes all sharing options except for email, since none of the other sharing options make sense on a public device.
  • It hides the event edit button as well as the trash can icon so guests cannot edit event details or delete photos.
  • It disables the menu available from a long-press gesture available on individual photos
  • It ensures the iPad/iPhone does not go to sleep (screen will stay bright and it won’t lock). Combine this with Guided Access mode provided by iOS and you can completely prevent people from exiting the kiosk.
  • It disables printing by default. Take a look at configuring printing in kiosk mode to enable it.

Do a single-finger long-press on the top navigation bar again to exit kiosk mode, where you’ll be prompted to enter your password.

Configure printing in kiosk mode

When running in kiosk mode, you want to provide a seamless experience for your guests. They should not need to choose the target printer when selecting a photo to print.

By default, printing is disabled in kiosk mode. To configure printing for the kiosk, ensure you are signed into your account and viewing the relevant event with kiosk mode disabled. Tap the triple-dot edit button on the right side of the screen and choose the “Edit kiosk settings” option in the menu.

To enable kiosk printing and expose the other available options, flip the “Kiosk printing” switch to on. Choose a nearby AirPrint-enabled printer. We’ll scan your network for available printers and present them in a list, tap the printer that should be used for kiosk prints.

If your event has a watermark, you have the option to include it on all kiosk prints. Flip the switch to on if you’d like the watermark visible on prints. If your event does not contain a watermark, this option has no effect.

Press the back button at the top left to return to your event. Then enable kiosk mode.

Prevent exiting the app with Guided Access

iOS ships with a feature called Guided Access that can temporarily restrict your iOS device to a single application. Tapping the home button or the power button will keep the application open, preventing kiosk guests from exiting to the home screen or opening other applications. Learn more about Guided Access.

Single photo actions

As an account owner, you have full access to and control over your photos. If you tap to open an event that you own and have photos a collection of photos listed, you can perform a single-finger long-press on any photo to reveal a menu of options:

Set the cover photo

By default the cover photo is the first photo in your event. Instead, you can feature your favorite photo so it shows as the cover photo in the event listing and in the header of the event when looking at the collection of photos.

Download photo

Save any size of the selected photo to your camera roll.

Copy photo URL

Copy a web URL of any size of the selected photo.

Delete photo

Permanently delete the selected photo from the event. Deleted photos are not recoverable.

Multiple photo actions

Tap the “Select” button at the top right of the screen and select any number of photos to reveal a drawer at the bottom of the screen providing the following options:

Save photos

Save to camera roll

Download all selected photos to the camera roll on your iOS device.

Send via email

Send all selected photos via email (from our servers) to the specified email address.

Generate animated GIF

Compile the selected images into an auto-looping GIF file and save it to the camera roll.

Generate video (MP4)

Compile the selected images into a video file (MP4 format) and save it to the camera roll. The video is roughly 15 seconds in length.

Delete photos

If you are signed in and are viewing an event that you own, tapping the “Select” button at the top right and selecting any number of photos will reveal a trash can icon in the top left of the screen. Tapping the trash can icon and the confirming the following dialog will permanently delete the selected photos. Deleted photos are not recoverable.


Printing on iOS is supported via AirPrint, allowing iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users to print wirelessly to any AirPrint-enabled printer that is connected to the same local wireless network.

Anyone who can view the photos in an event can print photos individually. To print a photo, open the relevant event and tap on the desired photo to bring it up in zoomed mode. Then tap the “Print Photo” button in the bottom bar and follow the steps to select your AirPrint printer and submit the print job.

In kiosk mode, printing is disabled by default. You can configure kiosk settings to pre-select a printer to use for the kiosk mode and enable printing if you’d like. If your event has a watermark applied, you can also enable or disable including the watermark in kiosk prints. Learn more about printing in kiosk mode.