Getting Started with Flassh

How Flassh works

Flassh allows you to take your DSLR camera and tablet, connect them together, and create a fun, good-looking, instant-sharing photo booth experience.

Our software is always free to download and install, and you can install it on any number of devices.

Create an account

Signing up for a new account is free and only takes a minute. Create an account now!

Devices needed

  • Windows touch-screen tablet running a full version of Windows 10. Windows RT-based tablets are not supported.
  • Canon or Nikon DSLR Camera see supported cameras
  • iPhone or iPad with iOS 9 or newer (optional)

Understanding pricing

We offer 2 pricing options depending on your needs: On-demand and Pro.

You can choose either method and can switch between the options as needed.

Regardless of your pricing selection, when you create a new event, it starts out as a test event. You can create as many events as you want and you won’t ever be charged for them. Test events are completely free and never expire.

On-demand pricing

How much does it cost? $29 per live event.

You can buy as many credits as you need from your billing page. Event credits never expire and are non-refundable.

Pro subscription pricing

Our unlimited subscription allows you to run an unlimited number of live events each month with an unlimited number of photos for $99 per month.

Addional pro-only features are also available, including custom domains.

Manage your subscription from your billing page. You can also learn more about subscriptions and get help setting it up.

Test event limitations

  • You can capture and upload up to 25 photos
  • Only devices signed into your account can see a test event and its photos, it is not publicly searchable in the apps or client gallery
  • If you’re not finished testing but hit the test limit, delete some photos from the event and you can upload again until you hit the 25 limit again. Alternatively, create another test event. If your account is filling up with test events filled with photos you don’t want, you can always delete those events.

Converting to a live event

When you’re ready to run your live event, convert it and we’ll deduct a pre-paid event credit from your account.

When you tap the “Run” button from Flassh Booth, you’re prompted to “Convert To Live” or “Continue Testing”. Choosing “Convert To Live” will instantly make the event live, removing all test event limitations. At that point, you can capture and upload unlimited photos to that event for 24 hours. After the 24-hour “live” period, you will not be able to take and upload any additional photos in that event. However, the online gallery for live events remains available online for viewing and sharing indefinitely.

Once an event is live, it is publicly searchable and viewable from any device. Want to run a private live event? Learn more about event settings

Renewing an expired event

Planning an event that spans multiple days (more than 24 hours)? When an event is expired, Flassh Booth will give you the option to renew the event, which will deduct an additional event credit from your account.